I am a Canadian-born ultra runner living in Perth, Australia. I am now fortunate to enjoy citizenship in both countries. My first race ever was a trail marathon in 2006 where I finished near last in a lot of pain (but overjoyed, nonetheless).

I became "serious" about ultra running in 2010 after coming back from injury and a surgery in late 2009. The injury and time away from running caused me to think about my approach to running from many angles. I wanted to learn to anticipate and avoid injury. I wanted to learn about the science of running and what accomplished runners already knew, rather than guessing and using trial-and-error where unnecessary. I wanted to find a way to make running sustainable in my life, regardless of whether I could ever run ultra distances again. I wanted running to be fun and to share that fun with as many people as possible.

I've embarked on a great adventure and have some great support.

Thanks for your interest in my little story and I hope it brings some amount of joy and worth to you.